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Pigmentation Treatments 

What Is Sculpt X

HI EMT ( high intensity focused electro magnetic technology) is a muscle stimulator which can continuously expand and contract your own muscles apx 20,000 times per session.


HI EMT can disrupt fat cells deeply reshape the internal structure of the muscles, increase the growth of myofibrils (muscle growth) and produce new protein chains and muscle fibres (muscle hyperplasia), resulting in increased muscle density and volume.

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Benefits Of Sculpt X

    • Reduces hyperpigmentation (dark spots, age spots, and melasma)

    • Minimises freckles

    • Fades post-inflammatory marks, such as dark spots from acne or injuries

    • Stimulates collagen for better overall skin tone and complexion


How many sessions do I need?

Your therapist will consultate you and determine what treatment plan may be suitable. 
For best results we recommend spacing sessions 2-4 days apart with a recommended treatment plan of 8-10 sessions, however this may vary with each client. Results can be seen immediately after your first session and optimal results can be seen from 2weeks after the final session.

What does it feel like?

After having a session of SculptX, you will feel like you had a great workout without the sweat. 

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